Clerics of
The First Church of the Last Laugh

On The March The Staff

Bishop Joey

---Supreme Pontiff
---FCLL Seminal and Secular Head
---Prefect of the Congregation for the Cause of The Saint
---The Bishop can sometimes be seen in collaboration with
The San Francisco Mime Troupe

The Bishop

The Cardinal

---Web Prelate
---Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Stupid and Universal Inquisition
---Supreme Arch-Bishop and Managing Director and Chief Ecclesiastical Occultist of The Parastatal of Lagos, Nigeria

Wavy Gravy <<<<<<<<< See the website . . .

---Head Cheerleader <<< Camp Winnarainbow
---Saint <<< See the movie
---Archbishop <<< First Church Of Fun
---Profit Prophet <<< Spare Change
--->>> Very large Scale Caterer specializing in breakfast for 400,000
---See more here >>> to see more here

Frank Chu

---12 Galaxies
---Ecofrenikol Injunctions
---NBC: Sanbrostrenicul Coverage
---Methodology Integrations

Zippy The Pinhead

---And furthermore, my bowling average is unimpeachable!!!
---A wide-eyed, innocent UNICORN, poised delicately in a MEADOW filled with LILACS, LOLLIPOPS & small CHILDREN at the HUSH of twilight??
---I love KATRINKA because she drives a PONTIAC. We're going away now. I fed the cat.
---Calling J-Man Kink. Calling J-Man Kink. Hash missile sighted, target Los Angeles. Disregard personal feelings about city and intercept.
---CONGRATULATIONS! Now should I make thinly veiled comments about DIGNITY, self-esteem and finding TRUE FUN in your RIGHT VENTRICLE??
---Barbie says, Take quaaludes in gin and go to a disco right away! But Ken says, WOO-WOO!! No credit at "Mr. Liquor"!!

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Cassiel Cardinal MacAvity