$tuph from
The First Church of the Last Laugh

By way of Cafe Press

Howdy shoppers.

Himself, The Bishop
Bishop Joey here,

to explain/disclaim/exscuse the need for Cafe Press to spread the stupid face.

Yes these things are overpriced and the church, me, makes only a couple $ on each item, but you, the consumer of snack-religous paraphernalia, now has 24hr access to this crap and I don't have to act like a shop keeper/capitalist and can devout my attentions to the larger mission of the church...world domination.

I will occasionally change/add/delete images and sayings so check back with the store every once in a blue while and collect the whole set!

I'll most likely make a batch of t shirts to sell the next time the parade is on a weekend.

If you want videos, buttons, tattoos, tattoo removal kit or the eventual cd of stupid on the radio or have a special request, e-mail me and we'll make a deal.

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Let the shopping begin.

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