The PreHistory Of The
First Church of the Last Laugh

t he church pre history as related by bishop joey, seminal and secular head of the FCLL, worlds fastest growing snack religion,150% less dogma (it's a lite religion) one holy day a year and april first is it.

And low, it came to pass that a table of four did sit and chat at new york city deli (now bagdad cafe) at the corner of 16th and market in the city of san francisco on a day in march 1979. And far and yon did their conversation wander thru subjects of art, life, politics and would a blintz be good to have with coffee about now. And so the wholy present four, Kate, Bob (no not that Bob. you're thinking of Connie and Bob),Ruthie and Ed did presently speak of matters of american society and a day hither to known as April Fools Day. The one known as Ed did remark on it that in comparison to older civilizations past and present, not much is made of this day in the USA ( this Ed having had too much education in matters less rewarding in a mammonish mode ).The medieval feast of fools in europe, the indian (dot, not feathers) holi day, the french poisson de avril, and others, all times of wild in the streets to let off the steam of existence ...all this and more did this Ed say unto said subject. And in our young land it is but a day to say "your sandals are untied" or "what's this apon your tie", yea, even the figure$ for hallmark cards purchased for 4/1 are meager. What's needed is that spirit of the holy fool, ,sun wu kong, anassazi, raven, coyote, the face of the purveyors of the present day pressure pushers. And Low, it came to pass some more that this one of four called Ed did mutter the need for a parade thru the temples of our land, the civic symbols of the power that bind us to a slackless life. And low, the blintz did not sit well in his bowels and his brain did swirl in digestive confusion and regurgitate the combined intake of thought and conversation into the words..."SAINT STUPID'S DAY". The rest is history.

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