First Church of the Last Laugh

Credits and Methodologies

      More or less all of the material found on these pages has been assembled by Bishop Joey over the years following the first parade. The photographs have mixed attributions, and most of the schtick is from Joey, unless he says otherwise.

      The site was assembled from a variety of sources. The Bishop prepared some of it using whatever the WYSIWYG editor was on his Mac, and then it all was assembled by the Cardinal using HomeSite 2.0 on his PC.

      The Find Stupid game was built by Eric Knight, with the assistance of Jennifer Holmes, using assorted pictures selected from Bishop Joey's Book of a Thousand Stupids . . . or some such title . . .

      We of the church are greatly appreciative of the gatekeeper, Saint Peter, who gladly helped out with Dis Organizing the ecclesiastical circuitry and keeping the prayers flowing through the Church's original internet connection at

      The One Pretty True Church particularly recommends Laughing Squid Net , the Saint's Own hosting service out here on the internet.

      Aaaannnddd . . . if you have any questions or comments for The Cardinal Or The Bishop, Do Send them some Mail . . . .

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